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Adoption Fees

Adoption fees vary depending on the animal and are listed in each pet’s description. In most cases, cats are $75-$150 and dogs are $150-$300.

The adoption fee includes:

We’re sometimes criticized for charging adoption fees, but they’re necessary for us to continue our work. When you consider the cost of the veterinary services our pets receive, we believe you’ll find our fees reasonable. In many cases, they barely cover our basic vetting costs. When we receive an animal that’s sick or injured, our expenses far exceed the pet’s adoption fee. We can’t charge a higher fee for these animals, as they’re often elderly or suffering from medical conditions, so any extra we may receive from a young, healthy pet will help offset the costs of the old and infirm.

In addition to veterinary expenses, we also have travel costs, food, cat litter, cleaning supplies, crates, collars/harnesses, leashes, toys, beds, etc.

And finally, the ability and willingness to pay an adoption fee helps reassure us that the adopter values the pet and is serious in their commitment.

For questions about our adoption process, please see Adoption FAQs.