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Give the gift of time.

From fostering and transport to drawing and web design, there are a multitude of ways interested individuals can help homeless animals in their spare time and from the comfort of their own home.

Foster a homeless animal. Fosters are the animals’ lifelines, allowing us to rescue pets in danger and provide them with a safe haven while they await their forever homes. We have the animals fully vetted. You provide the love. If you’re interested in fostering, please complete our adoption application and put “Foster” in place of the pet’s name.

Transport pets to spay/neuter clinics. We need reliable volunteers to transport pets to spay/neuter clinics in the Raleigh and Greensboro, NC areas. We may have needs in other areas on an individual basis.

Pick up donations of food and other items. We need reliable volunteers, ideally with trucks, willing to pick up food and other donations.

Graphic design for literature and merchandise. If you have a flair for design, we could use your talents in creating educational and promotional literature and merchandise.

Web site design and maintenance. We could use a volunteer who’s familiar with web site design to do periodic updates. We also welcome suggestions for site improvements.

Contractors, kitchen designers, architects, interior designers can help us by promoting our  mutually beneficial “Remodeling is for the Dogs” and “Kitchens for Kittens” programs.

Calling artists and teachers! To quote Whitney Houston, “We believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.” We want future generations to learn respect and responsibility from a young age.

We’d like society to view pets as loved family members, not disposable fads.  We feel the best way to accomplish this goal is to reach children at an impressionable age. We’re seeking artists, teachers, and others interested in child education to help develop materials to impart kindness and compassion in the hearts of children while teaching the importance of  responsible pet care.

OR One of our goals is to change the way society views animals. We don’t want them viewed as disposable, but rather as loved members of the family. We feel the best way to accomplish this goal is to reach children at an impressionable age. We’re seeking artists, teachers, and others with an interest in child education to help us develop materials to gently teach the importance of proper and responsible pet care while imparting a sense of kindness and compassion - in the hearts of children. We want future generations to learn respect and responsibility from a young age.

We’re looking for artists to create coloring sheets, connect-the-dots projects, mazes, etc. And we’re looking for input from child educators on effective presentations and accompanying study lesson materials for parents and teachers.

We’re expanding our educational materials or campaign to include cover a variety of topics that affect (effect?) animals. We’re seeking researchers and writers to help prepare these reports or additional educational materials for all age groups.

If you own a retail establishment, you could assist us by selling our merchandise in your store. By getting our items in mainstream America, we spread the spay/neuter/adopt message while also generating funds. MERCH PG: invite retailers to carry our unique/cust designs.

Please contact us for more information on any of our volunteer opportunities.

Distribute literature, present children’s programs in schools, girl/boy scout meetings, bible school/church youth groups, libraries, etc. table at events to hand out literature and help educate. Place pet food donation boxes in area stores (local only).

CIAFA’s approach is steadfast and resolute: identify the problem(s); determine the causes(s); and implement attainable solutions or OR identify attainable solutions and work diligently to resolve the issues.

Educational efforts targeting the general public are widespread and diverse. Print advertising, PSAs, billboards and extensive literature will all..

CIAFA promotes the responsibility and compassion toward living beings through a committed public awareness campaign. The organization identified problems facing animals; determines the causes and then addresses the issues through  implementation of long-term/permanent solutions.