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Kitchens for Kittens & Remodeling is for the Dogs!

This innovative program uses remodeling byproducts to generate much-needed funds while benefiting the environment and offering donors tax savings.

If you’re remodeling your kitchen or renovating your home, please consider donating your used cabinetry, appliances, bathroom fixtures, and other items to Compassion In Action. We accept used items in good condition, as well as new items that may be leftover due to excess ordering, plan changes, or minor damage.

Attention contractors and suppliers: We welcome donations of overstocked, slightly damaged (but still useful), and misordered doors, windows, cabinets, appliances, etc.

This is a great way to help animals while freeing up storage, conserving landfill space, and benefiting from a tax deduction for your contribution.

How it works

Donor notifies us of the donation.
Contact may be initiated by phone or email. A representative will evaluate the donation by physical inspection or from description/photos to determine the resources necessary for the job.

We retrieve the items at no charge.
Depending on the donation and the preference of the donor, the organization will either remove the items (common with demolitions); assist in removal; or will pick up items that have already been removed. Removal/pick up is scheduled at the convenience of the homeowner or contractor.

Donor receives a contribution receipt for tax purposes.
Compassion In Action provides an itemized receipt for the donation.

Donations Accepted

Kitchens for Kittens and Remodeling is for the Dogs! specializes in recycling building materials:

Kitchen: cabinets/countertops, sinks
Appliances: refrigerators, stoves, ovens, dishwashers, small appliances
Bathroom: toilets, vanities, sinks, tubs
Household: washers, dryers, furniture
Building Supplies: doors, windows, light fixtures, lumber, heating/cooling systems, etc.
Washers/dryers, and quality furniture is accepted as storage permits.

If you have an item you’d like to donate and question whether it would qualify for pick up, please contact us. If you’re flexible regarding the time of removal, we can often combine multiple smaller jobs in one trip

Business Donations
We gratefully accept tradeshow and store displays, excess or outdated inventory, job overruns and misorders, customer returns, etc. Please contact us to discuss free disassembly and pick up from business or trade show sites. We will retrieve items at no charge and provide an itemized receipt for tax purposes.

Unless the donor specifies the contribution is for Action for Animals, some donated items may be utilized in our sister-program, Conserve To Serve. This program provides appliances and building materials to low income families at no cost. A donor is welcome to specify for which program they want their contribution utilized.


Due to the size of these types of donations and costs incurred in retrieving them, we’re limited to local areas: Northeast PA, Raleigh, NC, and Winston Salem, NC. For a quality kitchen, or large donation, we will travel within a 3-hour radius of these locations, including CT, NY, and NJ (from our PA location).

Local Donations (Northeast Pennsylvania and Raleigh and Winston Salem, NC)
For local donations, we accept most building supplies in "usable" condition, functioning appliances, cabinetry and other fixtures free of structural damage.

Long Distance Donations (CT, NY, NJ, Southeast and Central PA; Charlotte, NC)
To help fund program costs, we accept donations of high quality items for resale and will travel within 3 hours for these donations. Due to the costs incurred, we have more stringent guidelines on items we accept:

  Kitchens/appliances must be of high quality and in good condition.

  Demolitions must be newer construction or have been significantly updated.

  Other donated items (doors, windows, bath fixtures) must of quantity/quality to warrant the cost of retrieval.

  The organization will provide labor to remove/uninstall items for demolitions and high-end kitchen donations (those accepted for resale purposes).

We also accept donations of other (non-building material) items and store merchandise for resale. Please see our donations page for more information.

Please note: We place no geographical limits on the areas we serve in regard to spay/neuter subsidies. Our pet food pantry is available to all qualified applicants who are able to retrieve the food. We do rescue work and help animals in need as resources permit without regard to geographical boundaries.