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Compassion In Action operates entirely on donations and adoption fees, making your support vital for our rescue work, to continue our spay/neuter assistance program, and to expand our educational efforts.

Compassion In Action is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All contributions are tax deductible. Since we have no paid staff, 100% of adoption fees and donations go to program expenses.

Financial Support
To make monetary donations via Paypal:

Donations may also be mailed to our headquarters:

Compassion In Action, Inc.
1598 SR 6
Factoryville, PA 18419

Sponsor a Pet
Sponsoring is a way to help an animal that touches your heart when you’re not in a position to adopt. Your name will be listed as the pet’s sponsor and if you’d like, you will kept updated on the animal’s progress through adoption. Sponsorships “in memory of” are a nice way of honoring a beloved family member. Sponsorships are available…

Virtual Adoption
Similar to sponsoring, but instead of making a one-time donation, a virtual adopter commits to regular monthly contributions to cover the ongoing care of the pet they’ve chosen. Virtual adopters receive photos and updates of their chosen pet. The payments may be discontinued at any time. When the pet is adopted, a virtual adopter can either choose to end the support or may apply it to another pet in the program. Virtual adoptions can be done in another person’s name as a unique gift for the person who has everything.

Wish List:

*While we do not condone an outdoor life for dogs, we realize that having a fenced yard and outdoor shelter can help some families keep a pet that they may otherwise relinquish.

We gratefully accept items that can be sold to generate funds. You gain storage space and save the trouble of selling the items while helping animals and benefiting from a tax deduction.

Remodeling byproducts and leftovers: Kitchens for Kittens & Remodeling is for the Dogs!
Reduce landfill waste and save on your taxes while also saving animals’ lives!
Please click here for additional information on this innovative program.

Storage space: if you have a barn, garage, or storage unit(s) that are vacant, we could use the space to store donated items.

Retail space where we may open a thrift store with the proceeds benefiting animals.

Land – with or without a building – for use as a no-kill shelter.
Our goal is to construct a safe haven for animals in need of homes…

Services:  Such as advertising, printing literature, merchandise, vehicle rental, etc.

Gift the gift of time – please consider our volunteer opportunities.